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When friends of the College learned that 1/3 of our students take on debt to pay for everyday expenses in order to remain in school, we decided to do something. When we learned that the College was not fully accessible for our special needs students, we knew we had to act. And thus, the Foundation was created in order to meet these needs, and the many other urgent needs identified by our faculty
and staff. Caryl Green, Chair of the Cégep Heritage College Foundation

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My experience at Heritage College was both memorable and formative. Thanks to my engaging and inspiring teachers and the caring and committed staff, I flourished academically. I also got heavily involved with student government, which was not only very rewarding but also helped me develop important skills I later put to use in my university studies and throughout my career. As alumni, our philanthropic support to Heritage College can make a real difference in the lives of students. It's a way to give back and directly support the next generation. Stacy Kelly, Class of 1989

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I have always aspired to be an actor, and I joined the Drama Club at Heritage to live my dream. Despite my physical disability, Heritage College has found a way to support me. I am looking forward to many future improvements at the College for students with special needs, as well as renovations in the auditorium for the Drama Club.

The Heritage College Foundation is enhancing the quality of education for Heritage students, and allowing people like myself reach their full potential. The work the Foundation is doing is valuable in helping all of us succeed in life. Chris Greene

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Having gradated in social science after my two years at Heritage, I now depart with knowledge and life experience given to me by the staff that I had never dreamed possible. The friendships created at Heritage are lasting ones and support from the staff and faculty enriched my experience. By providing added bursaries, accessibility support as well as equipment, we are building a bright future for the development of English post-secondary education in Western Quebec. By creating a source of pride for students, I feel that Heritage is on the tracks for building an even brighter future! I can safely say that My Heritage will be a lasting and proud one, just like this College. Gabriel Kim, Class of 2015

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